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Been slacking on the log updating:

A few highlights from 8MAR to 19MAR2013:

1. Took off from running all week last week, started back up on 17MAR using Joel Jamieson's 4 week conditioning template geared towards running, the other stuff was working well just looking for a change of pace right now.
12 minute run test - 1.54 miles
HR = 152 BPM 1minute affter 12 minute test
2. Shockwave protocol is going well lifts going up, adding ELECT sets on days that feel good and running the minimum on days that don't
3. Changed to carb-backloading, so my backloads are lighter than my carb nites were but it's more frequent. I'm at a steady 12% now so hopefully going to CBL will get me to the 10%. I think early on I made a lot of gains with all the running and low carb all week but then I hit a stopping point where I only made gains with 2 CN's a week and once you go to more than 2 CN's you are into the CBL territory.
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Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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