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First on the video 123kg fail:

Might be the angle, but you should be splitting with that back leg bent, on the ball of your foot, looks like your foot is almost flat

Dip is slow, and you're not finishing the drive with your legs -

Stuff you can do without racks:

1. Push Press, light enough weight that racking it isn't to heavy, but heavy enough you can work on that quick shallow dip;

2. Jerk behind neck, can work a bit more on speed and heavier weights since its sitting on your traps.

3. Jumping Backsquats - I throw on 180kg (20kg less then best jerk) on my back, and just do quick shallow jumps with a lot of weight, good way to not only get used to weight, but practise finishing the drive with your legs on the jerk

4. You can always work on your jerk footwork, use a bar, get consistent in your split, then throw on more and more weight until you are hitting the heavy weights as consistently as you are hitting it with the bar.
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