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A quick synopsis of the last 2 weeks:
My wife had an anterior cervical disectomy surgery in MD on the 2nd before we came back to SC on the 7th. She is doing ok but not great.


bw = 189
Quick legs workout using Shockwave

Tempo Intervals - 0:12/1:00 x 10
Anaerobic threshold interval - 5:00/3:00 x 3

cardiac output:
bike - 15:00
elliptical 15:00
MB drills - 7:00
treadmill - 12:0
DB stuff - 4:00

high resistance intervals - 15% @ 9.3 x 12, @ 10.0 x 5, @ 10,9 x 3

foam roll

band and upper body DB stuff in hotel gym


foam roll + joint mobility
tempo intervals - 0:12/1:00 x 10

anaerobic threshold intervals - 5:00/3:00 x 3

Shockwave protocol back/triceps day

Shockwave protocol chest/shoulder/biceps day

BW = 188
warmup - running drills/joint mob ~5:00
cardiac power intervals:
2:00/1:00 x 2
rest 3:00
1:30/3:00 x 7

-These were awful, covered a little less than 2.5 miles in the time though, almost all rest periods I was trying to stand still, I was trying to get my HR up to 187 and keep it there for 30 seconds the 2:00/1:00 was AWFUL so I went to the other interval mentioned.
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Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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