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I'm doing CBL, and have done it a few times before for months whenever I've wanted to lose fat.

My schedule is:
1. Wake up. Drink coffee and wait 2-3 hours.
2. Eat no carb meal: eggs, sausage, almonds if I want
3. Go train an hour or two later.
4. Wait a few hours.
5. Eat another no carb meal: meat (steak, chicken, brats), spinach/broccoli, almonds
6. Wait a few hours
7. Carb destruction: high glycemic carbs and whatever. Cookies, ice cream, whatever.

So I only eat 3 times per day, which there's probably a contraindication about that somewhere, but I don't care. It's working. The whole idea is going no carb for 23.5 hours per day, then in that 20-30 minute window, slamming the shit out of high glycemic carbs. I eat about 200-220g of sugar/starch in that 20 minutes. Again, I haven't read the articles in a long time, I've just kind of patched together CBL info from a few guys that are doing it.

In the past five weeks I have gone from 22-23%bf at 265 to 15% at 245
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