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Default Check These Lifts Out

Hello All:

First post here so a little background information.

New to weightlifting, and a gym in my town recently got rubber weights so I left my old gym and moved in at the new gym.

I am also 22, and ~195 at the moment.

Can your guys give me any adivice and what I should work on in the classic lifts and the squat.

Below I will try to embed a video of my workout acouple days ago the lifts are not in order so you will notice the forum gets better and then worse. After each video I looked at the tape and made alittle changes as what I thought I should do.

These changes were to keep the bar tighter, stay over the bar longer, weight distribution, and be less virtical when the bar is at my knees.

Who know how well I was able to do these things though, or if they are even right.

Also my best lifts:

205 lbs clean.

115 lbs snatch.

Around a 365 squat at the same debth that is in the video.
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