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First off thanks both of you for the feed back.

The only real technique work I have ever gotten is from watching YouTube videos, wether it be Cali Strength, MDUSA, or Catalyst Athletics.

These videos are really what got me into weightlifting, as the lifts are just to bad ass and explosive to not learn.

The funny thing is I love in Mansfield Ohio and I go to school in Akron Ohio, and Daniel Bells gym is right down the road. I plan in stoping in some weekend once I graduate, I have already contacted him through Pendlay Forum.

I am exited for this, as like you guys said it will help out a great deal.

Thank you guys for the advice.

One more thing can you guys tell me what lifts you think look the best so I can try try to replicate those.

I think the first snatch, I think at 1:30, although I need to keep bar closer and stay tighter.
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