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Originally Posted by Richard Bendekovic View Post
I would not try to replicate any of those lifts, save the videos so you can have something to look back on in six months. Instead get to Dan Bell's and replicate the great lifters he is sure to have there. Just being around guys like that make you better, especially the speed in which they move. Also, you can see accomplished lifters employing the split jerk and give it a try, I think you will find it more balanced at the heavier weights. If you really want to take on these lifts and have a guy like Dan Bell just down the road, do what ever you can to get to there, skip class, take another loan, whatever.

Thanks for the feedback man.

The reason I am squat jerking is just so I learn some better balance and some better strength over head, which would not hurt.

I plan to go up there sometime it will just be here in a little while until get done with school, and get done with family things.

I know it will help a lot just to be there and see people move, but until then I will post on here and just eye ball them myself, which I know isn't the best.

Here is some new lifts from today too.

The cleans are anywhere from 115-185. I hit a semi squat jerk with 145, and a clean of 185 in last clip.

Thanks for the feedback the advice is appreciated.

Let me know what you think.

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