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Control Day 1:

Box Jump - 53.6in/134cm - PB

Snatch - 90kg
Clean and Jerk - 110kg

Squat - 180kg, 200kg with wraps
Bench Press - 110kg
Deadlift - 180kg, 200kg with straps
Ez-Bar Strict Curl - 63kg - PB

Strict Press - 80kg
Front Squat - 120kg, 140kg with wraps
Ez-Bar Overhead Extensions - 40kg - PB

Control Day 2:

Vertical Jump - 26in/65cm - PB
Standing Long Jump - 101in/252.5cm - PB

Olympic Squat - 140kg, 160kg with wraps
Reverse-Grip Bench Press - 100kg
Bent-Over Row - 120kg, 140kg with straps

Incline Bench Press - 110kg
Hack Lift - 180kg, 200kg with straps
Behind The Neck Strict Press - 80kg

Ez-Bar Strict Reverse Curl - 53kg - PB
Ez-Bar Lying Extensions - 50kg - PB

Tough sessions, will rest for the week and start a new cycle of training next Monday.

Last week hit a 220kg Squat with wraps (PB), although I didn't feel up to it over the last two days.
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