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John Donovan
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Spent the previous week working technique with light weights working on getting more comfortable receiving in the deep squat for a PR attempt.


Worked up through snatches from 40kg in 5kg steps to a PR power Sn of 80kg. I was a little disappointed because I was unable to go farther due to footwork problems so my coach stopped me there and we spent time working on that. From there, I worked power Sn with 10 sec. pause OHS with 72.5% of 80kg.


Power Cl+ 3 sec. pause front squat- 155x20 with jerks every 5th rep.
Halting Cl pull- 135x5x5, Cl DL- 175x5x5


Back squat- 135x5x2, 225x5x2, 275x3, 315x1, 365x1(PR)
RDL- 135x5x5

Tomorrow will be a MetCon followed by Pendlay rows and Sn/Cl high pulls with 120% of PR.
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