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Okay, so to ask a dumb question probably everyone here but me knows the answer to... what I'd heard from everywhere before CF is that the point of doing isolation exercises is so that you can lift heavier more days in a row (2/3/4 day split workouts instead of full body workouts) so that one part of your body can recover while you abuse another part of your body. Of course you can still do this with compound exercises if you mix 'em up, but what if one area the compound exercise would be targetting is still sore/beat up and another isn't? Also general popular opinion (again non-CF) seems to be that working an area that is already really sore is a bad idea.

I guess this question goes beyond isolation vs. compound and towards working different body parts--it just seems to make more sense to divide exercises into areas they work so you can work f'in HARD two days in a row
instead of having to take a break every other day (I've been doing this with core and leg workouts so I can do 2-on 1-off instead of just every other day, since I can't do upper body or weights right now)...

And then this would tie in the question of how sore do you need to be to feel like you got a good workout. I was talking to a Thai boxer the other day, a very good one, who told me he never gets sore anymore...I have seen him train and he definitely works his tail off... If I wasn't getting sore anymore, I'd probably want to work in some new moves or something, but I guess there are other ways to gauge improvement...
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