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Default Losing inches not weight

What's the deal here? I lost nine inches (hips, waist, bust) in a month but no weight on the scale. Could I really have gained all that much muscle?
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Steve Shafley
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It's a bit more complex than that...your hydration state has probably changed as well. The good thing about using metrics other than just a scale (I prefer skinfolds using a cheap but accurate caliper like the Slim-guide) is that they, along with what the scale is saying, provide you with a more accurate picute of what's going on.
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Pierre Auge
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Steve is right don't over think things, take a look in the mirror and and don't concern yourself too much with the scale. Calipers and scales are tools but they can be just as confusing as they can be helpful. You sound like you're doing great!
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Greg Everett
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weight is such an arbitrary figure... you can stand up two people who weigh the same and see two extremely different bodies. weight should really only be used to determine other measurements (for example, estimating LBM or BF%, etc.), not as a stand-alone, with the exception of course of weight-class sports and gross weight loss situations (e.g. 25+ lbs or so). If you've lost 9 inches, that's HUGE--who cares about the weight?
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Mike ODonnell
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weight is just you under gravity at that point and time....screw it....go for how you feel and look....and perform...the key ingredients.....if you look better and feel great ....what does weight even really matter?
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CASSI, how about the under water body fat testing, I am going this afternoon, will report how it goes, I want to get off the scales myself but still have a way to measure progress! thanks
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