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Brian Shanks
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Default Greens or Veggie Supplement

Was doing some looking into some of the veggie supplement products out there. I want to ensure I am getting enough veggies, but also want something that I can push on the wife and kids to ensure they are getting enough.
I have looked at GNC Maximum Green UltraMega Green, Greens Plus, and a couple of others. What I have noticed is alot of the powders will have soy or fermented soy, or beans or other things I am trying to avoid.

Any body use any of the greens supplements out there? If so what did you find.

I know most of you don't have problems eating your veggies, and I generally don't, but I know my kids don't eat like me and there are times when I am not on my game plan and don't get my veggies cleaned and cut on time.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Robert Allison
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I use Berry Green from New Chapter. It is mostly fruits & vegetables, unlike many "green food" products, which are primarily grasses. I also like that it doesn't include any nightshades, as I generally try to minimize my consumption of them.

It does include organic brown rice, but I don't believe the amount is significant enough to have any effect.
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Mike ODonnell
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I know Berry Green has been recommended alot....haven't personally used it...of all the ones I have personally used, I'd say the Greens+ Wild Berry version was the best, good tasting too. Would be interesting to see how those 2 compare.
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Ben Blosch
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I had the same problem with running out of time to prepare veggies everyday, until I bought a food steamer.

It's the greatest thing. Just take a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, put them in there and 15 minutes later you've got cooked, clean, and chopped goodness.

I have this one:
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Brian Shanks
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My preparation is even easier then yours, I can't stand cooked veggies so I eat them all raw. But I do prepare them all for the week in advance. My Sunday night includes washing and cutting my broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and carrots and then packaging them in five quart size ziplock bags so I can grab a bag and go. I eat raw spinach in my morning shake. Evenings I usually eat a salad.

Unfortunately I still am paranoid that I am not getting enough veggies, and I know my kids aren't. So if I can give them a drink in the evening to help it along, or through some in their apple juice, then I can sleep at night.


I looked at greens plus, but they have stuff like soy, corn and wheat in them which my wife can't have.


The Berry Green from New Chapter looks like some good stuff. Going to go ahead and order some of this and give it a try.

Thanks for the replies.

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chris hill
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The berry green looks great, but is £40 ($80ish) here in the uk for 180g. Thats £1.33 ($2.66) per serving, for me thats not economically viable. I'll just buy loads of veg from the weekly farmers market instead
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