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Derek Simonds
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Default Heavy / Med Heavy?

I am trying not to over think the prescribed weights, but for a nut like me percentages are so much easier for me to follow.

From conversation with Greg I understand the concept that heavy could be different over the course of workouts. One day 85% might be heavy and another day a new PR might come working towards a heavy single.

Having some guidelines for those terms would help me a lot. Here is how I have been interpreting them. Once again I work towards what feels appropriate for that day, but it sure helps me to focus this way.

Heavy 85% to MAX
Med Heavy 75% to 85%
Medium anything 60% to 75%
Light up to 60%

Any thoughts on this?
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Greg Everett
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Depends a lot on the context. Worry not - if the Rx is as vague as that instead of an actual percentage, it's not immensely critical.

Generally when I use that type of Rx it's for one of a few possible reasons. One, it doesn't matter that much and being in the general range is good enough (more for metCons); two, it's for an exercise for which it's unlikely people will have a 1RM to reference so there's no point anyway; three, it's a combination of 1 and 2.
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