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Kevin Perry
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Default Olympic Lifting Training Set

I've been searching all the sites I can find. Eleiko, Werksan, and even Wichita Falls. The prices on these are no joke but I do need to find a good quality bar and bumper set that will last a long time. Does anyone have any experience with the Wichita Falls training set? Or would I be better off just pinching my pennies until I could afford an Eleiko or Werksan training set?
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Arien Malec
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I have the Pendlay Wichita Falls training set -- it works very well for me at the weights I use. If/when I move up to the big leagues, I'll have to upgrade, but I don't see that happening soon.

What's your current snatch & C&J max?
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Jonathan Reik
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I've got the WFW set with the Pendlay bar... had them for about 15 months, very happy so far. At the gym where I used to train, they had eleiko equipment, which was nice, of course. But for the purporses of one or two people training at home, i think the WFW set is the way to go. If they were stolen tomorrow, I would buy the same stuff again.
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Kevin Perry
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Join Date: Jul 2007
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Arien I actually have not tested my max in a while so I can't be sure on that... I don't own bumpers or a platform so I refrain from doing any heavy Oly lifting at home. Thats why im in the market for a training set that won't kill the wallet too badly but I don't want to sacrifice quality on the bar too greatly. I already broke my el cheapo commercial bar and chipped up the solid plates pretty badly.

Equipment goals for summer are to build a platform and purchase a training set that will last long.
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Ken Urakawa
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FWIW we have both the Economy bar and Men's bar from Pendlay, (and women's, I guess) with the Hi-temp bumpers. They're holding up well with moderate to heavy abuse. The economy bar got abused a bit (let's just say we have established that Ken doesn't like it when you dump his bar + 120 kg onto the safety bars of the cage).

Also FWIW, Eddie and Lisa Lugo at the Garage Gym Store are coming out with a needle bearing O-lifting bar for about $150, and bumpers are pretty cheap as well. Worth a look, I think. http://www.thegaragegymstore.storebu...ge/5130789.htm
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Derek Simonds
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I have and would buy the Pendlay mens bar again. I bought some york bumpers a couple of years ago and the only problem I have with them is that the brass inserts are starting to get a little banged up from the way I store them. Go with the best bar you can and build your bumper set.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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