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Allen Yeh
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Default Another barefoot article - You Walk Wrong

You Walk Wrong by NY Mag

It is somewhat long but a very comprehensive article that I found a good read. It has a somewhat more realistic view of the application of barefoot. You won't find me walking around outside down the streets of DC barefoot that's for sure.
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Mike ODonnell
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Compliments this one by NPR too...."Feet Hurt, Stop Wearing Shoes"


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Mark Fenner
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This isn't necessarily related to the articles, but it is related to barefoot training:

I love to do my "plyometric" training outside, on grass, barefoot. I get funny looks and greens stains on my feet and socks (when I put them back on), but hey, who's counting.

I like (1) the proprioception practice I get from uneven ground and the texture of the grass (even the temperature of the grass/soil), (2) the training stress applied to the foot/ankle/toes that is largely absent in shod locomotion, (3) the "low-impact" nature of ground when the soil is damp, and (4) the way it helps me reconnect with my inner "little kid" (useful for a father of a young son).

Even a "flat" football field hides a lot of variation -- especially if you are barefoot.

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Scott Kustes
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Mark, I have noticed just how much a "flat" field can have variation and that's not even completely barefoot. My training shoes are a pair of very thinly padded Asics flats and I did some speed-endurance work in a field near my house. I quickly discovered how much variation there was in the flat field.

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Greg Woods
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I got my FiveFinger Sprints on Friday and love them. With the exception of yard work, we spend most of time at home shoeless. Figured I'd give these a try for those times outside of work when I need "shoes". And after my wife stopped chuckling, she tried them on and thought they felt pretty good.
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Andew Cattermole
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I'm a Five Finger Convert,changed my running style and my arches and ankles have never felt stronger
Train CF in them, Run tarmac and Trail in them.
Have KSOs Sprint a Flow for surfing and Classic for "around town"

Just don't expect them to last forever if you are doing serious training in them
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