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Tony Ferous
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Default Raw Protein?

Does anyone eat raw or very rare protein foods?

Lately ive been eating fresh raw tuna(expensive!) and grass fed beef(actually pretty tender), I eat rare kangaroo too.
Ive had zero acne since doing this for 2 of 3 of my daily meals.

Fruit I eat raw(obviously), cruciferous veg I cook.

Ive also been eating baken sweet potatoes for some carbs, esp after workouts.
Why do they taste so much better baked than boiled? Maybe all that acrylamide and glycated carbohydrate due to the higher temperatures?

http://waisays.com/index.html "Cooking food creates the toxins that cause welfare diseases"

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Scott Kustes
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I've started cooking my meat less, except chicken. I still get my chicken at the local grocery, but it is antibiotic/hormone-free and I can get it on the cheap (wait till a few days before the sell-by, $.59-$.79/lb...load up the 15' freezer). I throw my steak on the grill long enough to singe the outside and leave the inside rare...or more appropriately raw. It's tougher to cut though, that's for sure. I do the same with liver...it's grass-fed from Slankers. I put it in with the onions long enough to cook it a touch, but leave the middle still somewhat rare. I'm not willing to go fully raw due to not knowing the full processing chain, but I think leaving it mostly raw can be beneficial.

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Robb Wolf
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The beef I eat is typically very rare...still cook the outside. I've had two raging bouts of food poisoning in my life, not excited about a third. I steam most of my veggies. Salads are of course raw but I tend to mainly do those in the spring and summer.
"Survival will be neither to the strongest of the species, nor to the most intelligent, but to those most adaptable to change."
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Jeremy Jones
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Costco has Ahi tuna steaks frozen. . . I have debated if this fish popsicle thawed would be okay to eat.

How does the Grassfed beef taste raw?
-Jeremy Jones
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Chris Forbis
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I eat the grassfed ground beef really rare. As in, pan fried just enough to make it warm. Pretty tasty to me...
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Andew Cattermole
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I live with a Japanese Partner and if you haven't investigated their diet I would recommend it.
Very heavy in seafood and sea vegatables.

In regards to Raw Foods

On a weekly basis we would have Beef tataki,Sashimi and variety of seafood sashimi,as well as Korean (S?)Yukii(Raw beef with Nashi Pears and Raw egg).
Soups made from fish bones,snacks from chicken cartilage,lots of meals involving tripe and bones,fun to pick at.

Lucky enough also to have access of a variety of high quality fresh veg,salad greens and Asian Greens all year round in Aus.
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