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ryan mac
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Default Nike lifting shoes on ebay

Just thought I would share this. Looks like a pretty good deal if you are in need of some Oly shoes.


There a few sizes to choose from, but they may not last long.
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Allen Yeh
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A good choice if you're feet are in the narrow to normal range.
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Don Stevenson
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Does anyone know anywhere to get these shoes, I'm having a hell of a time getting my hands on them.

Nike Australia won't order them for me, Nike Customer service in the US won't respond to my emails and the Nike Store seems to be mostly out of stock of sizes from 6 to 13 and besides, they won't ship to australia

I could get a pair of the new Adistars but everyone in our gym has got them and I want something different and more pimpin
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Anthony Bainbridge
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From what I understand, Nike is selling these on their website because they had a surplus after the Olympics. They have no plans to make any more.

Take it with a grain of salt though - it could be wrong.
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Garrett Smith
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Nike has such potential and they always manage to screw it up. They're making the Nike Frees basically like normal shoes now (no more numbers, like 3.0/5.0/7.0, in the new ones) and they don't want to continue making their OL shoes that obviously lots of people want.

It really wouldn't be that hard or expensive for them to keep their niche markets very happy, and yet they refuse to do it. Argh.

Adidas OL shoes have worked great for me. My new daily shoes are likely to be Sanuk SUVs...
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Don Stevenson
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Anthony, I hope you are wrong!

I've got a pair of the year 2000 adistars (white with carbon straps) and although they are comfy enough the build quality left a lot to be desired.

For example, if you are going to reinforce your straps with real carbon fibre you might not what to attach that strap to a paper thin piece of fake leather (I tore or broke 4 straps out of 6)

The upper on my shoes also separated from the sole and i had to glue them back down twice.

I've already seen a pair of the new adistars break at the buckle too.

Oh well, here's hoping that Nike see the light and keep making them!
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