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Michael Lynn
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Default Budget Fixed gear/Single-Speed Build?

I'm interested in getting a single-speed bike, but I'd like to stay under $100 if possible.

Any suggestions on how I can build an inexpensive Single-Speed?

Thank you,
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Mike ODonnell
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Do what I did....break your derailer off (which was not intentional) and then take it to the bike shop where they find a small rear spoke-gear in the back and fix it up for $15.....works for me.
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Daniel Olmstead
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Here is the bible of singlespeed conversion information, it has everything you need to know: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/singlespeed.html

The next step is acquiring a cheap bike to convert. Craigslist is probably your best bet here. Or you could skip the DIY aspect and just buy a SS off Craigslist, but I don't know if you can do it for under $100.
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Garrett Smith
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I think I pulled one off for ~$300, the old Cannondale road bike was $100 used, then the rest was parts and bike-shop labor.

A fixie can last forever with little maintenance, so don't be afraid to invest in decent stuff early-on.
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Craig Brown
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I landed a SS 82 Trek off craigslist for $150. Of course I added $200 for vastly improved brakes, Nitto Noodle + stem, and much nicer pedals- but it was functional when I got it.
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Stephen Brown
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find an old steel frame with horizontal dropouts and go to sheldon brown's site.

pawn shops, craiglist or garage sales are great if you are of average height.

did I say steel? yes, get steel. aluminum is harsh and has a short life-span if ridden hard.

when you find a frame, post it up.

I commute on an early 80's motobecane mirage geared at 52-18.
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