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Gavin Jones
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Question Got any strength-related party tricks?

Do you pick up the hot blonde and press her above your head?
Do you crush an apple in your hands?

What strength-related party tricks do you have?
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Steven Low
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Join Date: Mar 2007
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One arm chin? Freestanding handstand pushup?

There's a lot of things you can do depending on what "equipment" you have.
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Kris Reeves
Join Date: May 2008
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Um...unassisted keg stand?
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George Mounce
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Location: Mississippi
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I've carried many dead deer out of the woods solo. Not so much a party trick, but man, functional fitness at its finest when throwing a couple hundred pounds of dead weight over the shoulders and hauling it a 1/2 mile.

If you are wondering how I get the deer up to the shoulders - I tie the legs together with 2 ropes , and do a squat from the bottom position holding the rope over my shoulders. Once the deer is about half way up my back, I just jump (its almost like a clean but from the back!) and have the deer across my shoulders.
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Blair Lowe
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Join Date: Jun 2007
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Kick up to handstand on keg, do pushup and have a partner assist with spout.

Standing back flip. Jumping pistols from leg to leg and of course any pushup combo you can come up with clapping or hopping from one hand to another in a 1 armed pushup. Flags if you can find a surface. Frogstand to handstand was one of the first ones I learned a long time ago in HS.
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Garrett Smith
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Clubbell stuff, after you've let someone else feel their weight, then swinging them all around your head, tends to impress most people.

Heavy TGUs.

Entering any type of strength-related competition.

High box jumps.

KB juggling.
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