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Kevin Parsons
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Default Clean, Back Squat, Bench programming

I have been following the CA WOD for a little while now, but my workout partner and I have decided to compete in a small weightlifting meet that our school is putting on. The comp. will consist of BS, Bench, and Clean, on three different days, and I would like help with a program we can follow. The meet will be sometime in early April/late March.

The excercises I feel will be benificial and need to be in the programming:

BS, FS, OHS, Bench, Clean, Clean Technique(tall, power, hang, etc.), Bench assist(close-grip, floor press, weighted dips, etc.), pull-ups/bent-rows, shoulder press/push press, clean pulls/DL, and ab work.

So, just some early ideas for programming were as follows:

Mon- BS, BP, PU or Bent-row
Tues- OHS, Clean Technique, short metcon
Wedn- FS, SP or PP, Clean pull or DL, Abs
Thurs- Rest
Fri- BP assist, short metcon
Sat- Clean, Abs

Thoughts? Advice? What needs chnging?

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Ari Kestler
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I think you might be doing too much/overthinking.

You only need to get better at 3 exercises. If you are already competent in most of these exercises and lifts, and your only reason for training until the meet is to perform the BS, bench and clean, then guess what? Just BS, Bench and Clean. SS style.



If you are beyond linear progression or beginner gains then you will have to play around with the sets and reps, but 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps seems logical for everything. Eat a lot. Sleep a lot. Game over.
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Jamie Crichton
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I agree with the simple approach. Scrap all the metcon stuff, totally unnecessary. Remember, if what you are doing isn't getting you closer to your goals, then it's moving you further away. You've specified a goal: compete in this meet, in BP, BS and Clean.

I think if you want to train more frequently than 3 times a week you may need to be a little creative with your exercise choices to avoid burning out, but just training those movements regularly with basic periodisation to set you up for the meet would serve you well.

As far as sets and reps go, 3-5 of 3-5 sounds good for squats and bench, but I'd probably keep it as doubles and singles for the clean. I don't see the point in doing greater than that often; you get tired and technique goes to ratshit fast. Work up to 2-4 heavy singles; doing your technique work as your warm-up (tall cleans etc).

For assistance work go for scap circuits and glute activation. This will keep your body healthy without crushing you with volume. Stretch and foam roll after every session. Let us know how it goes!
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Old 01-14-2009, 06:28 PM   #4
Kevin Parsons
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Join Date: Nov 2008
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Thank you for the replies so far! I would def. agree that the volume was high!

I would really like to have a seperate day for clean techinique work. This day will be light to work on our sticking points. I would also like a day for front squats b/c I need to get those #'s up too. Here is a modified version:

Mon: Light clean technique work, abs
Tues: Rest
Wed: Front Squat, Pull ups or rows
Thur: Rest
Fri: Bench, abs
Sat: Back Squat, Clean

Still too high volume? I am open to all opinions!

And what is scrap circuitng?
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Jason Tanner
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I'm not so sure if you would even ab work. Your doing plenty of work on the abs already with all your lifting in the program, is there any reason for you to want to keep the ab work (such as wanting to keep an 6 pack, although that may be more influenced from your diet)?
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Kevin Parsons
New Member
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 21

Def. not for the 6-pack. I'm at about 12% right now @ 210, and I've never been able to function very well at below 7is% so I have no chance or desire to cut down to the 198 class. The extra ab work is just for additional strength and conditioning of the abs. I feel like my core limits many of my lifts(OHS, FS, etc.).

Should I just do one day of additional ab work instead of the two?
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Matt Edwards
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Location: Springfield, MA
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I'm not sure how the benching back to back will be for you. Try it out and see if your body responds well.
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Dave Van Skike
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what are your numbers and what do you weigh?
Practical Strength
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tom hurst
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You are correct Kevin it is sets x reps. Keep at a weight to where bar speed doesnt drop for your set amount of reps. But Ive read that 60% of max is what usually works best.
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Kevin Parsons
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 21

Thanks again for all of the advice so far!

I'm 21, 6'3", and 210.

Bench- 235
BS- 300 oly style a2a
FS- 255 a2a
Clean- 210
DL- 430

My #'s are all low for my weight and aren't going to be very competitive for the competition. Until about 2 months ago, I only benched about once a month so that has come u0p quite a bit. I've been lifting weights for about 2.5 years with the majority of the first 1.5 years being BB splits and never much focus on true strength. Then I hybrid crossfitted for a little while whith a heavy empghasis on strength before coming to the CA WOD with no oly experience. I've only been oly lifting for about 3 months and I've really been enjoying the technical aspects of learning the lifts. I have not had any coaching on the lifts, just been watching a ton of videos and I've bought Greg's book. I have yet to take video of myself and post that. I will hopefully do that next week.

I have not done a PL style squat in a long time, should I experiment with that to see if I can go heavier than my oly style? I only have to go parrallel for the comp.

Also, I started a creatine cycle last week. When is the perfrct timing for the creatine cycle leading up to a competition? The end of an on-phase? After a backoff week?

Like I said, their will probably be some strong guys show up in my weight class, but I love having a goal in front of me. My goal for this whole thing is to recognize where I'm at, make a plan to improve, and test the plan by the progress I make as seen by my #'s at the competition.
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