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Adam Gagliardi
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Default New Gym in the DC metro area--Rockville

didnt know where else to post this and i hope it's ok, if not just remove it..thanks.

My good friends Matt and Suzanne Gary have opened a warehouse training center that is PL, Oly, Strongman Friendly. If your in the Bethesda, Rockville, DC area it is the only gym worth going to( minus the few CF gyms), check it out. There are no mirrors and only one machine (cable system). everything else elieko, werksan, elitefts made.
check out thier website for more info.

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Allen Yeh
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Nice equipment list in the FAQ! I'd might have to wander up there some day, it's a bit far from home for a membership (~45-60 minutes one way), great prices though. Now all I have to do is convince my wife to move to the Rockville area. Heh.


Do you know if they will be holding like a Strongman type sessions? Like once a week type of thing? I'd be interested in something like that as I've been curious about stuff like that recently.
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Adam Gagliardi
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Allen-- i will talk to matt about that....perhaps a weekend thing kind of class. there is a great parking lot right outside the huge overheard door, that is nice and flat....perfect for strongman activities. ill definitely post it back on here when i find out the answer.
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Patrick Donnelly
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I like the sound of that place.
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Andrew Ager
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That place sounds great! Too bad I'm many states away...
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Steven Low
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Isn't there an affiliate out of the Marveteen's/tots gym that's like ~3 blocks away? Hah. Unless that's them and they moved over there.

Anyway, I'll probably check it out sometime.
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