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Emily Mattes
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Default Need opinions on my diet

So my goal is to get down to 155 by mid-May. With that in mind, for the past eight weeks I have been eating mostly low-carb Paleo, with once or twice weekly cheats. I've been eating 1800-2000 calories a day, ~180g/day protein, and 60g/day of carbs or less. Everything else is fat.

I do Olympic lifting 4-5 times a week, and add in a short, heavy metcon 2-3 times a week.

Things have been going well, but I've hit a few snags and need help.

I started at 187, was at 174 last Thursday, then went on vacation from Friday-Sunday and even after a week of returning to my diet I'm still at 179. I figured any water bloat from increasing my carbohydrate intake would have come off by now--there's no way I put on four "true" pounds, right?

Added to this frustration is that I started a squat cycle this week and it's tearing me up. I'm quite a bit hungrier, and am not sure if I should be upping the calories or carbs or both. I'm worried about stalling my fat loss, but I'm also worried about killing my performance or shutting down my metabolism from eating too little.

Could someone offer any suggestions or guidance on where to go with my diet? More carbs? More calories? Leave it here? Not worry about the four pounds?
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Duke McCall
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A few thoughts. You probably could increase your protein intake a bit (by my calculations you are between 35% and 40%). I would not increase the carbs. I also would not decrease your calorie intake. In fact, if needed to maintain energy levels, you may want to increase it a bit (without a better idea of your calorie expenditure, it is kind of hard to assess how big your calorie deficit is, but in my book persistent fatigue is a good sign you are running too low).

I would not worry about the four pounds. Body weight fluctuates significantly from week to week, day to day, and morning to night. There can be many different causes. I would maintain a long term view and continue to celebrate the progress you have made so far.

Keep up the good work!
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Mike ODonnell
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Fasted AM workouts always work for me and many other. Doing metcons+additional slower steady stuff....like walking or something. Add some coffee before and you will be fueled to go. Cycle your carbs too....like doing 2 days at 30g, 2 days at 60g and repeat....that will help.
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Jay Cohen
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Mike and Duke nailed it.
Good luck.

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Dave Van Skike
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I hang between 205 and 220, the amount of calories you're talking about is what I do to lose fat. This is works if I cut out all conditioning work except for finishers and hit the slow and low activity, mostly walking...lots of walking, with a weight vest, maybe ride the bike to work.

I'd say drop the kcal and the metcon both for about two weeks and see how you do. if you're too gassed to train at all after that, i'd slowly feed in only enough extra calories to allow you to train at a conssitent level, but don't expect to make big progress, maintain strenght and work on your skills but if you are cutting fat, keep that as the focus. chase one rabbit at a time.

but I could be full of it... I should be an even 200 but prefer strength and beer over leanness.
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George Mounce
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I second Mike, fasting AM workouts sheds the body weight for me.
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