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Joe Hart
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Default GTG w/ towel pullups

Would GTG with towel pull ups be to much for grip work? Or should you train the grip just like anything else. I am looking to improve my grip for BJJ. I have a 90# throwing dummy and a judo gi. What if just grabbed him up by the gi and hauled him around for a while? I am waiting for the snow to leave here in MN and for the ground to not be so soggy and it is Farmers walk and pulling a sled with a 2" rope.

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Derek Simonds
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I have an old Gi that is in the garage and I do lapel P/U's. I think the towel might be thicker then the lapel and would be a different kind of adaptation. I also do static holds with it where I will hang from the Gi for time or get at the top of a P/U and do an entire body crunch and hold that for time like I was doing a choke. I think that length of time you can apply a solid grip is more valuable than maximal strength when grabbing. Since everything is so dynamic in BJJ and you are always moving I want to be able to grab a collar and use that to control my opponent no matter how he moves. Does that make sense?

I could not imagine doing GTG with it though as my hands hurt pretty much all the time from training. I haven't decided if I am getting old or what. Heck maybe I need to do GTG. I definitely will be doing a ton of Gi P/U's in front of this next tournament.
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Daniel Olmstead
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Double-overhand heavy deadlifts are fantastic for developing grip while also getting stronger everywhere else.

I'm a rockclimber, where grip is also an important tool. A lot of people use hangboards and work either pullups or static hangs with their hands in all sorts of positions. It's easy to injure yourself on these, however.

Towel pullups strike me as a good tool, too - those things kill my hands.
On rock? Rock on.
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Andy Robinson
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my forearms and hands are always quite sore after some sandbag training...I use a sandbag without handles, total grip killer.
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Brian Stone
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Originally Posted by Andy Robinson View Post
my forearms and hands are always quite sore after some sandbag training...I use a sandbag without handles, total grip killer.

Sandbag work murders your hands if you eschew handles.
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