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Troy Archie
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Default Shoulder Pains

My left shoulder has been given me problems the last couple weeks. I'm sure it's an impingement so I'm giving myself a rest from overhead work. I've been following SS, rotating between bench press, shoulder press and using LBBS the last 4 months. I've switched over to HBBS and dropped the presses completely. My question is:

Because of the less workload from not pressing I was curious as to increasing the workload with more squats, squatting 5x5 3 times a week. Is this feaseble or completely insane? I plan to increase my pulling exercises a bit more namely doing more pull-ups as they don't bother my shoulder, light sets of deadlifts (80%) and more cleans.

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Jamie Crichton
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Horizontal rows, such as seated cable rows or ring rows, are worth doing. These are preferable to pullups for the time being. Anything involving external rotation is a good idea.

If you need to do pressing movements, stick with dumbbells. DB floor presses or stability ball presses would be a good bet. Ice after every workout as well.

Good luck
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Steven Low
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1. Tennis ball
2. Lots of massage... 30-60 mins per day if possible. Push blood from the scapular area into the acromion.
3. Horizontal pulling... rows, face pulls, etc.
4. Possibly external rotation work.
5. Thoracic mobility/foam roll + other scapular activation work
6. Ice after any use
7. Mass anti-inflams
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