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Mark Joseph Limbaga
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Default ME black box + complexes for fighters=good idea?

Been experimenting this lately with myself and some teammates of mine. Here's a sample template

mon: mile run+MMA training
tue: ME + complexes
wed: MMA training
thu: rest
fri: ME+ complexes/CF
sat: CF
sun: ME+ MMA drills

any inputs? comments?
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Derek Simonds
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I am guessing that it is one ME lift per day from the big three squat, DL and press of some sort. If so I like it.

Are the complexes with sandbags or BB's? I am playing with sandbag complexes right now trying to put together a couple that are demanding on the entire body including grip.
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Steven Low
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I strongly suggest you have 2 rest days a week. I'd cut a ME day.

Otherwise looks fine. I'd put the ME day towards the front after a rest day and the running towards the end.
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Anton Emery
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One day off a week perhaps seems a bit slim. I guess it depends on how intense some of your MMA classes are.

Ill be giving Coach Rut's ME Black Box method a try, as outlined here.


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Ben Langford
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Personally I would recomend moving the MMA drills to Saturday, doing them before the CF workout and taking Sunday off.

A bit more rest will enable you to push it harder during the workouts which is usually better than working out more often.
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Derek Weaver
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Like everyone else, at least one more rest day, either cut a CF day or a ME day. I like lifting so I'd keep 3 ME days, but people recover differently from different stimulii
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