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steve spear
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Default Knees popping!!! video inside!

Ok decided to start 20 rep squats to add some mass and strength. When I watched my video I noticed a very loud pop on the first rep and a little crunching on the 2nd.... then none really. This isn't new, but I didn't know it was so loud... anyway I have no pain during or after, no soreness. I also run at least 3 times a week no less than 5k and have no pain during or after...... Simple question I think I know the answer.... Is this a big deal? I'm thinking no because there is no pain or discomfort.


ps only didn't 19 cuz I miss counted
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Kevin Perry
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Knees popping is pretty normal, do your knees always pop when you squat? If there is pain then I would say back off from 20 rep squats and get the knee checked. Up to you though. After a while it may go away.
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Robert Callahan
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I would say just shove your knees out a bit harder. If there is no accompanying pain don't stress too much
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sollo rick
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Default worked for me

I have a lot of knee problems
I rode a recumbent exercise bike a lot
1 hour for at least three days a week
For therapy not conditioning
And wore Tommy Kono knee sleeves when squatting
And it really helped me
If your town has a China town some Chinese pharmacies have an acupuncturist in the back that can help this condition
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Steven Low
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How's your hamstring strength compared to your quad strength?

And yes, it's generally fine if there's no pain.
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Arien Malec
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For me, knee popping is generally a sign of being too tight. Foam rolling for the quads and ITB and stretching for the hams does it for me. YMMV.
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