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Doug Emerson
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Default Vasectomy

Anyone here have this procedure done? My wife and I have twins. We aren't expecting to have any more kids....we were thinking that this might be the best way to prevent future pregnancies, but I am a bit leary about having my boys cut on.

What I've read on the interenet, it sounds like there isn't any adverse affects from this surgery.

Anyone have any input?
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Garrett Smith
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It's a lot less risky than a woman getting her tubes tied.

It can be undone if necessary, then again, sometimes it "unties" itself.

Pretty safe and basic surgery, IIRC. I'll have it done after we have our second (and maybe I freeze some extra boys just in case).
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Frank Needham
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No problem here, had it done a few months back. Dr was quite good, look for someone who sutures and cauterizes the vas. He asked during the consult how I felt about the procedure and I told him I felt none too good about having a knife near my nuts.
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Last edited by Frank Needham; 07-30-2009 at 08:13 PM. Reason: Beware: Vasectomy = severely bruised nuts
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Jesse Woody
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Had this done maybe 5 or 6 years ago after having my second kid. Knew that was it for me so it was a pretty easy decision. Recovery was a bitch, 3 days of pretty crappy discomfort and maybe 2-3 weeks of annoying discomfort (lots of ice packs to the testicles..fun times) I think my recovery was kind of towards the long end for some reason, have friends who have been fine after a week. After that, no problems. Glad I had it done, was definitely worth the bit of pain to be assured that I wouldn't have to go find a second (or third!) job
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Craig Brown
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No issues. Mine is now about ten years back, I was a little slow on the recovery as I did not actually hit the couch and the ice pack as quickly and as hard as I should have. Plan to do nothing for a few days, little for a few more. I actually found the sutures more annoying than anything else.

+1 for the cauterization

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Doug Emerson
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Thanks to everyone for the replies! I just got back from San Diego and forgot that I had posted this.

I think that we are going to move forward...I was a bit leary about the whole thing and wanted input from others. I am 40 the wifey is 39. We have twins that are 6 months old as of yesterday. We don't plan to have any more children, so off to surgery I go


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