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Ryan Secor
Join Date: Nov 2009
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Default RyanS' Training Log

So I've never done a training log on a forum, but after lurking for a while on the forums here I think it would really be beneficial for me to start doing so on here for a couple reasons. First - I know I'd really benefit from other rather knowledgeable people I've seen on these forums - so feel free to chime in or PM me with any advice/feedback/etc. Second - I always lose my training data when I try to keep hardcopies (or it ends up making a mess in the house), so it'll be much easier for me to just something like this online. We'll see how it goes.

I know it might be a weird place for me to log workouts since I have more of a powerlifting background and powerlifting tends to currently interest me more than OLY lifting, but as I previously mentioned I think I'd benefit from many I've seen on this forum.

In the following initial posts I'm going to list my current training history, training strategy, goals, personal stats, etc. I will periodically update them to reflect my current stats, PRs and goals.
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Ryan Secor
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 137
Default Training History

I started working out at 15 when I got Arnold Schwarznegger's Encyclopedia for Bodybuilding and my grandparents bought me a gym membership. It was probably an act of charity more than anything since at the time I was about 5'11" and no more than 130 lbs - you could literally count each of my ribs and my arms were about the size of my wrists. I fell in love with the gym, being strong and followed some variation of a bodybuilding/powerlifting protocol sometimes with some BUD/S prep stuff sprinkled in there for most of my training (from sources like Arnold's book, Milk and Squats, Max-OT, T-Nation, etc). It paid off and by the time I found Crossfit (about 6 years later), I was a strong (but slow) 240+ lbs.

After I graduated college (2006), I found a job requiring me to be in better cardiovascular condition (and really couldn't in my current physical state) I started looking for something that might help me. I stumbled across CF and started doing it regularly.

In April 2008 I broke hand, had two surgeries to fix it. Then in September 2008 I broke my ankle, didn't realize it, and just had surgery in August 2009 to fix it. So the last 18 months has been particularly difficult for me training-wise. I've only been 100% healthy for training a few of those months, but have still managed to maintain my strength (no real increases in maximal strength since I started CF), became fairly capable in most movements and hit a 3:02 Fran among other things.

My most recent surgery has messed with my mind and body probably more than anything. I mean I've had three surgeries in the last 18 months and I honestly just stopped training for the last 5 months because of my ankle. The benefit of it is that I've spent a lot of time learning more about training and nutrition and stuff.. but I'm just now trying to get back into shape and help my ankle heal fully. I've put on a good 25# of fat, virtually lost all metabolic conditioning, but my strength is still decent (my squat and deadlift are obviously lacking due to ankle stability/strength issues). I'm starting to get back into it now that my PT has ordered me to start doing stuff like this on my own.

That's my short version of my training history leading up to today...
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Ryan Secor
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 137
Default Personal Stats, Training Goals, and PR's

Stats as of 12/28/2009
Age: 24
Ht: 6'2" (rounded up)
Wt: 230#
BF %: 17% (based on 7-site skinfold) - the highest I've ever been

Current Training/Physical Goals:
#1 - 1500# Powerlifting Total by 2011 (posted 12-28-09)
I think the most realistic way for my to accomplish is by having a:
600# Deadlift
500# Back Squat
400# Bench Press
All these seem pretty similar given my current and past levels of strength.

#2 - Rehab ankle & bring metabolic conditioning up to a level that I can work successfully and safely - I know this is terribly abstract - basically I need to be able to physically run and physically exert myself at fullest capabilities for around the 10 minutes. I'm currently not working at full duty capacities and would like to ASAP.... and be able to adequately myself and others (posted 12-28-09)

#3 - Keep weight in/above the 220-225# @ no more than 10% bodyfat (posted 12-28-09)

#4 - Stay injury free! I'm done being hurt.

Personal Records
I will edit/update various benchmarks I find beneficial - once I start working out a little more frequently I'll try to make everything updated so that all PR's are a little more current

Powerlifting Total - 1230# (01-02-10)
Back Squat - 395# (11-18-08)
Deadlift - 605# (04-28-10)
Bench Press - 315# (12-28-09)
Press - 175# (01-01-10)
Helen - 8:23 (11-29-08)
Fran - 3:02 (11-13-08)
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Ryan Secor
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 137
Default Current Training Strategy

I may go into this further later on down the road, but right now my strategy is as follows:

- Lift Heavy and progress as long as possible
- Do some sort metabolic conditioning (preferably short and heavy - I don't see any need to train beyond 10-20 minute domain for what I do)
- Recover (eat, sleep, and rest)

My training will reflect this. Call it whatever you like, but I just call it working it and training smart. I'd say my training strategy is quite similar to Catalyst's (except powerlifting instead of Oly-lifting), Coach Rut's, CFFB, etc.
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Ryan Secor
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 137
Default Monday 12-28-09

1 RM Bench Press - 315#


"Heavy Helen"
3 rounds:
Run 400 meters
21 KB Swings (2 pood)
12 Pullups

For time - 12:37

My PT wanted me to start trying to incorporate running in workouts again and start focusing on getting my ankle strong enough to work at full capacity. I really sucked at the running on this and my lungs (i.e. metabolic conditioning) are terrible right now.
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Ryan Secor
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 137
Default Tuesday 12.29.09

Row 250m
Foam Roll
1441 Static Mobility Complex
Extra ankle/knee mobility work (rehabbing ankle and my knees have always been bad)


1 RM Back Squat - 385#


"Power Elizabeth"
Power Clean (135#)
Ring Dips

For time - 11:24

I'm a little embarrassed about my back squat, but I think I'm starting at the perfect point to hit 500# by the end of 2010 assuming I can sustain small gains for this year (shouldn't be an issue hopefully). I've been re-reading Starting Strength and a lot of Rip stuff to help me refine my form. My two biggest problems are changing the angle of my torso in the hole of my squat and jettisoning my knees forward as I'm coming out of the hole (I can pretty well tell when I do that because it kills my knees!). Don't know why I chose Power Elizabeth - I was wanting to do 1.5 mile timed run, but I don't think my ankle can handle all that pounding yet... I just felt like doing something with ring dips and the 135# PC is decently light for me.
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