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Craig Brown
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Default CrossFit Nutrition Eats It's Young

Dr. Harris joins in on the fun:

see the Panu blog.
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Derek Weaver
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That's a good post. I don't really agree on the percentages he claims (I'm more with Lyle) but his take is good and his statements are presented well
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Darryl Shaw
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This is the first thing I've read on that blog that I actually agree with -

....the Zone is pseudoscientific nonsense. And Barry Sears is no more than a multi-level marketer with a PhD.

The central thesis of the Zone, that eicosanoid production depends most critically on macronutrient ratios, simply has no basis in peer-reviewed science.
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Mike ODonnell
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Great article.

I agree that anything that promotes a simple solution is a threat to a business profit model, as complicated sells more instruction/products/books.....simple just works.
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