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Dave Coughlin
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Default On My Signal....Unleash Hell!

Stats: 34 y/o male. approx 240 lbs
Profession: Firefighter, and part-time bartender
-(all these were within the last year)
1RM DL 455#
1RM SP 200#
1RM BS 360#
1RM PC 275#
Mile run 6:16
100m sprint-13.1
400m run-1:21
800m run-2:50ish
Plus a bunch of CF stats, ask if you care

Athletic Background: Been doing some type of CF (main page, hybrid, CFFB, CFE, Affiliate, etc.) since April 2008. I competed in last year's Southeast CF Qualifiers, and finished in the bottom half (as expected). Prior to that, I was a fairly serious triathlete in my late 20s/early 30s, with several half-IronMan and a full IM finishes under my belt (I had no favorite distance, they're all pretty awesome). HS and some college athletics, nothing especially earth-shattering.

Current Athletics:
Competing in Firefighter or PD/FD events, and the occasional CF Affiliate event (if it's nearby). TCA events, FLA and National FF Olympics Track Meet, FF Combat Challenge, Sprint Triathlons, and I am looking to compete in my first Highland Games and possibly a StrongMan event (maybe).

Goals: Increase strength, conditioning, while developing/improving skills to not look like a complete A-hole in whatever athletic endeavor I choose to partake in on that given day. Also, have enough energy to work a busy 24hr shift at the FD, come home and keep the two kids entertained for a few hours until I shove off to my PT gig.

Logistics: I'm going to try to attempt a 5/3/1, plus one assistance movement, and one short/heavy metcon (think CFFB or Gant's hybrid) for the majority of my programming. Other days will be a grab-bag of whatever I can do that day, and the implements I have at my disposal. I typically have a three day rotating schedule that goes something like this:
Day One-on shift at FD from 0730-0730
Day Two-off during day, work at hotel from 4pm-12:30am
Day Three-off, usually at home most of the day so wifey can leave the house!
Most stations each have a treadmill, and a universal-type machine. I have some bumpers, iron weights, oly bar, sandbags, push/pull sled, med ball, 12 and 16# shots, etc....which gives me some flexibility at the station. On my off days, I have access to some decent equipment at the FD training center, not to mention I have a pretty sweet DIY pullup bar in my house. With enough planning, I can maintain the benchmark workouts required in 5/3/1, and fill in the other days with some other stuff.

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Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

6/14/2010-Start of 5/3/1@ FD

(outside temps were 99 degrees during workout)
CFWU 1x10

Shoulder Press (clean into position)
45*8, 75*6
125*5 140*5 155*9

Dips 4*8

Four rounds, all-out effort
-20m sled pull then push, 290#
-10 pushups
-20 DUs

*Crazy busy day @FD yesterday, lots of moving up and vehicle inventory/cleaning. I managed to eat clean all day, and get this workout in around 4pm. First 5/3/1 day wasn't too scary, although I was hoping for 155*10. I was going to try to do DLs today, but we were up most of the night on a working fire, and I have to work tonight. Shouldn't be an issue for tomorrow.
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Derek Simonds
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Nice first workout. I look forward to keeping up with your training through your log. It is just brutal hot right now. I can't remember a June this bad in years.

There was some major Orlando FD activity at Princeton by the playhouse last night. I saw it after BJJ around 8:15. Looked to be 4 to 6 trucks there never saw what was happening though.

I am going to make some of the Highlands game implements next month and see how those events feel.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Jay Ashman
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about time you came over here, DC... about damn time
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Kevin Perry
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I like your log name. Make me want to go kick something.
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Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

Derek-Thanks for the hit, and look forward to meeting you eventually. I didn't know about that OFD call a couple days ago, we have been very busy the past few shifts-with legitimate EMS calls, house fires, and entrapments. Very different then the regular BS calls. I am pleased.

Jay-Yep, I made the switch to CA, although I'm double posting for a while longer. I have not learned a single thing on the CF forum in over a year, just too much focus on beginners perhaps. Plus, every time I try to give advice/opinion, the responses are beyond irritating. BTW does your relocation mean you're becoming a Browns fan now? The GM is the former GM of your Eagles, and C Alex Mack is a bad dude...look up his lifting #s.

Kevin-Glad you like the title, brother. If it makes you want to kick something, then it's working.

6/16/10 @FD Training Center

CFWU 1x10

Deadlift (65%/75%/85%)
135*5, 225*5
265*5, 305*5, 345*Max reps (8)

Assistance Exercises
Bosu ball situps (no GHD) 3*10

Five Supersets of:
6 deadhang pullups of different grips
6 Good Mornings w/45# bar

C2 Tabata-850m total

*After the shoulder workout on Monday, we got a double trailer fire at around 3am. It was still 90 degrees, and more humid than during the day. Saw a lot of guys fade quickly on the scene. Luckily, I have been really concentrating on hydration during the day...I'm also glad we did chicken and salads that night, and not enchiladas!
**First time giving max rep DLs a shot, at least since the Dirty South last year. There were a ton of FD VIPs around today, and I was getting some dirty looks for banging the weights a couple times. In forgetting to bring chalk today, I have now learned a valuble lesson in what to pack for DL days from now on. I should get double-digits next time I DL. The Tabata rowing was a horrible experience. All in all, I am really pleased with how that last max rep effort is making me feel....not looking forward to squat day. Tomorrow on shift I will try for some Oly lifting, sandbag runs, and throwing...or getting floated to a station with a squat rack.
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