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Rafael Susigan
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Default Work Capacity / WOd - Periodized too

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Ben Moskowitz
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If I am reading this correctly, the question is how best to program the metcons within the context of a structured strength program?

I am not sure of the answer, but I think looking at the resources you mentioned, this article by Greg Everett on "Plandomization," and perhaps the Wichita Falls crossfit program (?) or the Gorilla Pit would be helpful. I guess the most relevant paragraph from the Plandomization article is

This is exactly how I approach the CrossFit programming at Catalyst Athletics. I can tell you exactly what strength work our CrossFitters will be doing six Tuesdays from now, but I can’t tell you what metCon they’ll be doing that day yet. I plan seven-week strength cycles, but I plan each week’s metCons the week prior. When creating these metCons, I consider the strength workout on the same day and the rest of the week, the other metCons that week, and the metCons from prior weeks, along with the weaknesses and strengths I see in our clients. Based on this information, I have goals for them, both short- and long-term, and I create workouts and workout series to accomplish these goals. In other words, while the metCons are constantly varied, they’re by no means random.
I hope this helps.
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Steve Shafley
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Most WODs are autoregulated to some extent, anyway.
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Rafael Susigan
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Darren Reed
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Default baseline tests

We use "baseline" workouts which we revisit at various times in the year for various reasons. We block periodize (structured to emphasise different factors at different times of year) to a large extent so we may use our "endurance" focused test during a strength block to see if guys have dropped off in that area significantly (they almost never do), we may use it during its sister phase in order to see how far we have progressed etc. End of the day, this is a bit of science, but also a bit of art. We like having some broad metrics to use as in-house comparisons though, even if it is just for our own "gee whiz" amusement. I think they are helpful.
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Gant Grimes
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In my opinion...

If you're training for strength or power, your conditioning (if you do it) should be modest, mostly low and moderate intensity, and complement your strength program.

If you're training for GPP, you should do your strength and power movements first, and your conditioning should be a mix of low, moderate, and high intensity, depending on where you are in your program (wave, block, etc.; if you're doing linear with lots of conditioning, do 3 weeks on, 1 week deload). Your conditioning should complement your strength program.

If you're training for an event or sport, your conditioning should be appropriate to whatever you're doing. And no, cf.com is not appropriate.
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