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Troy Kerr
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Default 60 second holds

The BtGB book states that for the planche, one should not progress to the next progression until one can hold the current prog. for a total hold of 60 seconds. Not to disagree with sommers, but is a 60 second hold really necessary? I know you need to wait to build up the appropriate tendon/ligament strength, but I thought after 15 seconds one could progress to the next progression?
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Grissim Connery
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Building the Gymnastics Body by Christopher Sommer, page 172

When you are capable of performing a static hold for longer than 15 seconds, you should proceed onward to the next harder variation; provided you can hold that new variation for at least three to five seconds. If you are unable to hold the next variation for three to five seconds, you should continue training with your current variation while experimenting with the new to begin to establish a foundation of familiarity from which to work the new variation from.
that's what mine says
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Steven Low
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Dragondoor article says 60s.

Book says 15s.

Basically, it doesn't really matter.... as long as you can proceed to the next progression WITH GOOD FORM and hold it for 3-5s for at least 3 sets I would move up. The one caveat is that the next progression is not taxing your joints or tendons too much causing some form of overuse injury.

That's my take on statics at least... seems to agree with the book.
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Donald Lee
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I think easier to harder progressions go from 60 sec to 15 sec or maybe even less.
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Troy Kerr
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Yeah i actually saw a debate on this on the Gbody forums. Some ppl think that the 60 second hold means you have developed sufficient tendon & ligament strength to proceed onward. I agree more with the 15 second rule really.
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Blair Lowe
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60s seems to be the consensus for the frogstand, straight arm frogstand, tuck planche, and advanced/flat back tuck planche. Same with the other levers. After that, it goes to the 15-20s.
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