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Jonathan Silverman
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Default Should i buy some skins

should i get SKINS recovery tights?
will it help with DOMS?
they are available on rogue's website.
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Jarod Barker
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What recovery methods are you already using? I do ice baths immediately following training and contrast showers, and I didn't see much added benefit from wearing Skins too. I'm sure it would probably help someone if they weren't already hitting the hydrotherapy.
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Jay Cohen
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Yes, if you Crossfit
No, if you train hard, eat real food, and use common sense.
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Troy Kerr
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I bought some of the forearm skins to see if they would help my arms recovery in between my workouts ( I do a lot of gymnastic static holds). So far I have only use them a handful of times. Were they worth the cost? hmm...I'm not completley sold. The most use I have got out of em is keeping my arms warm when the gym is a little colder. Some ppl I know swear by the leg gear. Freddy C at Crossfit one world swears by the leg gear.
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