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Paul Epstein
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Default the myths and truths of skipping breakfast

the importance of breakfast is a topic which seems to get every arm chair nutritionist fired up.

i have made a habbit of skipping breakfast for a few reasons... i cycle to work and dont like riding on a full stomach, i am trying to stick most to a paleo plan and struggle to find time to make a paleo breakfast and i am trying to restrict calories to drop a class and find it the easiest meal to miss.

but the arm chair nutritionists tell me that its actually detrimental because im slowing down my metabolism. is there any science behind this?

i usually have a double espresso when i get to work so is this enough to counter act this metabolic slow down?

and if this slowdown is true wouldnt my metabolism already be slow from fasting all night - in this case i should push my last meal of the day as close to bed time as possible to mitigate this effect - something the arm chair nutritionists also tell me is bad to do

one thing i have noticed is that if i skip breakfast i rarely get hungry until lunch but if i have a moderate sized breakfast i am absolutely starving by lunch time... is this telling me something?
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Jane Michel
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Steven Low
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Generally, no.

The human body is very efficient with its metabolism that skipping meals here and there is ok or eat more meals here and there is fine as well.

As long as you don't have a dysfunctional metabolic state
Posts NOT intended as professional medical, training or nutrition advice.
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Grissim Connery
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i normally don't care unless i'm working with a diabetic patient. my peers get flustered at me because i skip breakfast a lot too, but that's just because i normally throw up unless i wait at least 3 hours to eat.
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Justin Z. Smith
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Thanks for this thread. I was always wondering about this!

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Rick Raymond
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