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Ricardo Costa
Join Date: May 2007
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Default Competitive Bench Training Log

Finally deciding to set up a log in a couple places and like the people, knowledge and wide range of exposure here.

Background: Competitive Powerlifter who recently moved to just Bench Only competitions because of old USMC injuries. Multiple State Championship's in 2 weight classes.
Dropping down a weight class due to injuries and taking a hiatus from excessive Squatting and DLing. Recently moved to a modified Paleo Diet to help weight loss and for overall health. went from 270 to 243 (as of yesterday) looking to maintain my strength while losing excessive body fat and improving health.

Follow typical Westside template, but have attempted most programs under the sun. I even was exposed to some great people at "Mike's Gym" while I trained for Powerlifting next to some great coaches and athletes for a couple years, awhile back.

Last meet (April 30th, 2011) i completed a 650 lb bench on second attempt and couldn't lock out right side on a 661 third attempt, @ 270 body weight. I am training for an August 20th Meet and look forward to seeing where my strength is as my weight loss has been pretty drastic for a such a short period of time!

Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any input or questions please don't hesitate to post!
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Ricardo Costa
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 87

i will jump right in with yesterday's workout:
Speed Day
Mobility Warm up

Speed Bench
185 W/ Monster Mini Bands
8 Sets of 3

DB lying tri ext - 50 lbs
5 sets of 10
Incline Bench Hammer Strength
using Light short bands only
4 sets of 10
**Pausing at bottom for both and focus on explosion

Dips BW
3 sets of 15

Side raise 25 lbs
3 of 15 *** Superset with
Plyo pushups
3 sets to failure

Recumbent Bike 15 min

Today's work is all about speed and explosive power (push through any sticking points)
with some body weight wok thrown in.

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Ricardo Costa
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 87
Default Competitive Bench Training Log

Extra Work:

Mobility Warm up

KB Swings - 36lbs
2 sets of 100 (30L, 30R, 20L, 20R)

TGU - 15 lbs - 5L, 5R
2 Sets
** Superset w/
Standing Elbow Strikes w/ Heavy Bag (Great rotational work/cardio)
4 Sets of 15L, 15R

Ball Slams - 2 sets of 30

Bike 15 mins
Sauna 10 mins (Stretching)

I have to say starting this log helped me get out of the door this morning and head to the gym. I love doing extra workouts for recovery, cardio, mixing things up etc., but they are easy to skip over when the life "pops" up, you know, the babies diaper is full AGAIN, you gotta mow the lawn, your wife wants you to bath the kids, your chasing the neighbors cat out of your kids sandbox for the umpteenth time.

Anyways this log will help me bypass life's daily challenges and make sure i put in the work.

I am 6 weeks out from my next comp in Norwalk, CA and staying focused is the key while i lift heavy and keep working my Paleo Plan.

~Rise Above~
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Ricardo Costa
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 87

ME Bench:

Mobility Warm Up

Bar x10
385x3 off padded 1 board

Shirt work
495x2 - 2 board
545x1 - 2 board
585x1 - 3 board
605x1 - 3 board

DB Flat Bench - 80lbs - Palms facing each other
3 sets of 20

DB lying rollback tri extensions
50 lbs 6 sets of 10

DB Cleans - 20 lbs 3 sets of 12

Haven't gone over 455 in 2 months and now I weigh 25 lbs less so just getting the feel of heavy weight in my hands again was the goal for today. I have to work some more boards for my lock as my right side lagged a little bit tonight. Boards are very important when you start to work with max weights as you need that 2nd gear to get going at the midway point and instead of failing at the top you lock it out strong! I always get teased for my board work but that is where my speed work off the chest comes in, if you explode off your chest, you must have the lock out power to complete the lift.

Toying with the carb intake on this Paleo Diet, since it is my ME day i had a sweet potato for lunch and then the wife had a stir fry style dish with meat, kale, bell peppers squash, zucchini, cauliflower all on a small bed of white rice. Tasted great and filled me up! She has been great preparing all these meals, i think i've eaten more vegetables in the last month as i had my entire upbringing! After a long Monday at the office trying to make sure i have enough gas in the tank to work out for 2 hours.
Luckily, I have a good group of guys, S. Hoekstra, D. Smith, and the rest to help load weights, lift off and give the weekly trash talk, to get me going!

I have been staying off the creatine, tribulus, pre-workout drinks etc, as i cut this weight but this is the last week by friday i will get some creatine and tribulus going, it has always helped me in my recovery and my strength gains, the trick will be to make sure it doesn't add to much water weight. At first i am just going to take it on my gym days to see how my body reacts. As long as i can stay in the 240's, I can make the 242 lb limit.

~Rise Above~
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Ricardo Costa
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 87

Back Work:
Mobility Warmup
Hammer Strength High Row (warm up for pull ups)
2 sets of 15 - 90 lbs

Pull Ups
6 sets of 6 - 5 different grips
**Superset w/
45 degree back extensions
6 sets of 8

3 sets of 15 - 100 lb DB's
**Superset w/
EZ Curls
3 sets of 10 - 80 lbs

Rear Delts
3 sets of 12 - 75 lbs
**Superset w/
Decline Sit ups
3 sets of 15

Chest Supported Rows
3 sets of 10 - 195 lbs
**Superset w/
Hammer Curls
3 sets of 10 - 40 lbs DB's

Sauna 10 min (Stretching)

Ok, so I have to say that, I am a huge fan of supersets! You'll see a lot of them on my Speed/Dynamic days. I just feel that I get a huge return by keeping the work intense, my heart rate up and and kind of like the "runners high" where i just feel great by working hard and pushing myself to work harder than the next guy! Just the competitor in me i guess.

I also got to the gym at 8:45 pm as the wife put the kids to bed, so I know how all of you feel after a long day at work, its hard to get to the gym sometimes, just keep focused on your goals and work your plan!

Food is going great, i had Latin flavored sautéed chicken with kale for dinner and lunch was chicken salad in a romaine wrap (taco)! Never in a million years would i have thought i would eat a taco using lettuce instead of a tortilla! I was the Taco King, but as life progresses i guess so must I. Somebody eat a Taco for me somewhere tomorrow! I am enjoying eating Paleo and my energy is consistent all day compared to before, so there is a big difference.

Plan Your Work and Work your Plan!
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Ricardo Costa
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 87

Speed Bench:

Bench w/ Monster Mini Bands
Bar x 20
Bands 2 sets of 10
135 2 sets of 3

165 3 sets of 3 Close Grip - finger on smooth
185 3 sets of 3 Med grip - between smooth and rings
185 3 sets of 3 Wide grip - pinkies on the rings

Close Grip Bench w/ monster minis - Index finger on the Smooth
135 3 sets of 10

DB Lying Tri Ext (Rollbacks)
50 lbs x 10
60 lbs x 10
70 lbs x 10

DB Shoulder Complex - 25 lbs
Bent over raise - side raise - front raise (palms facing in)
2 sets of 8 - one movement to the next

Dips - Body weight
1x10 - triceps gassed out

Bike 15 mins

When it comes to speed benching first thing is you have to leave your ego at the door, its not about how MUCH you lift, it's how FAST you lift it! As Louie S. preaches, Force is Mass x's ACCELERATION! Do you want to break through those sticking points, get faster not stronger. That's what the Bands teach you, explode off your chest and lock out strong.

All excerises were done with 1 minute rest between sets.

Huge success this morning - Reached 242 lbs on the scale!!!
its been 4-5 years since i was a 242er (my new weight class), when i was a 242er i walked around at 245-250 and i would cut weight for my competitions. walking around at 242 is a huge plunge for me. In just over 2 months i dropped 28 lbs. I got to 256 on my own and now on the Paleo Diet for 3 1/2 weeks i've dropped another 14 lbs. The goal is to get to a solid 240 and start my creatine, protein shakes, tribulus, etc. i figure the supps will put on a few lbs, but i hope to keep leaning out and just up the strength.
Robbwolf.com preaches to just give him 30 days and for me that comes next wednesday and i am already a believer!

I will say my strength is a little down but i feel primed to build it up as my body adjusts to the new weight and i react well to getting the supps in my system. So I did start my Super pump 250 today (only 6 g of carbs per serving - no sugar) it has always worked good for me as a pre workout drink. Only on gym workout days.

Speaking of the gym i do get some of my work in at the local gym by my house/work it's a great place to train, they even sponsored me last year for the Mr. Olympia Bench Invitational. Repsforlife.com they let me use my bands, rack pull, bring in my kettlebells, just a great all around place to train.

What were you doing Friday night???
I hit the gym early and now off to Poker night with friends!!!
I'll be the one drinking water as they down the Cerveza.
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