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Yael Grauer
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Default BJJ after hip replacement surgery?

Posting on behalf of my really amazing friend. She had hip surgery due to a labrum tear (caused by hip dysplasia), but is still in pain and cortisone shots no longer provide relief. Bone on bone, cartilage missing, and she's not a candidate for hip replacement.
She's in a lot of pain and considering the surgery, but at the moment she can still do BJJ and is worried about not being able to train hard (or compete) post-surgery. She is looking to talk to people who have been through this about their experience and how it affected their training, so I thought I'd post here where all the smartest peeps are.
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Matt Morris
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Dan Gable had a million or so knee and hip surgeries and continued to kick the crap out of kids 1/2 his age in wrestling...That's the best I got...Best of luck!
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