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Caleb Chiu
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Default high-hang position...

what are the major purposes for using knee flexion only versus knee & hip flexion high-hang start positions?

if trying to replicate positions in the full lifts, with the bar only a few inches below the tall position, wouldn't almost all athletes be in the knee flexion, spine vertical position? if so, why add any additional hip flexion creating a position that would not generally occur with the full lifts? or would the hip flexion include lowering the bar further on the thighs?

clearly i am a bit confused on the topic.
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Greg Everett
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Depends on your goal for the exercise. I use a knees-only vertical torso position for athletes who have difficulty finishing their extensions w leg drive and tend to instead quit early with the legs and over-emphasize hip extension, or for those who tend to shift forward on the feet too soon.

That position would be a slightly different (higher) bar position than a high hang w hip flexion - the latter would in fact be mimicking the proper position during a lift from the floor (even though that lifter may not actually be in that proper position when lifting from the floor).
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Caleb Chiu
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got it. that clears things up. thanks.
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