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dipankar mohanty
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Unhappy Multiple clean problems

Just a backgrounder. I'm a beginner and have been learning the lifts since feb 2012. I'd say that the clean and jerk came more naturally to me than the snatch. I was able to do a C&J of 75 kg quite regularly. Since 2 weeks I'm barely able to do 55kg. My power clean and clean have gone for a toss. I'll try to explain what i feel is happening:

1. Mentally there's a block in the middle of the lift that I'm not able to pull the bar to a respectable height, so I end up overextending and am not able to get down under in time nor have a quick turnover.
2. My timing of the hip extension is off. I'm shrugging first then extending later probably.
3. I guess I was using my arms a little to pull the bar up.

These days whats happening is during the second pull, the bar just gets up and I feel helpless during that instant that I can't get under the bar nor get a turnover and the mind just goes blank. I have greg's oly lifting book with me. Well, I was reading the error correction section but am totally confused about what to do. Just a note, I dunno if have longish arms and legs. But when standing with arms straight to the side of the thighs, the distance between my finger and knee is approx 6 inches.
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