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Kevin Anderson
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Default Where do you train?

I'm curious where most of you train. I go to a gym here in Austin, Texas and we do only the olympic lifts. People come and go and I have a feeling that if things don't change it will end up closing because there just aren't enough lifters coming in to make it viable.

One of the new guys that started training recently posted some pics of the gym on t-nation. You can see what the gym looks like as well as a video of Oleg doing an easy 150 kilo power clean.

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Ron Nelson
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Sweet. My 24 hr Fitness has all the latest machines, cardio, saunas, and mirrors anyone could ever want. It also has exactly 2 curl racks (but some meathead is always doing squats- whatever with that) and db's up to 120lbs.

What we can't do there is drop weights; therefore, no heavy singles. I think that's how I ruined my elbow.

As for your gym, suggest to the owners that they find a cheap industrial space to move to. It will save loads on the rent and extend the life of the gym.
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Don Stevenson
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I train in a few places but the main one is at the NSW weightlifting association gym. We got the space after the state institute of sport moved out into a new building so we moved in.

we have

11 platforms including a 4x4 comp platform
11 full sets of bumpers with 2-3 pairs of 25kg plates per platform
11 sets of squat racks
1 big power rack
2 pullup bars
dumbells from 2.5 to 50kg
flat bench, incline bench, various other benches
A few assorted machines that the sports centre staff like to use
a C2
some exercise bikes
1 national head coach
another national coach
1 Moscow olympian
free massages
and a bunch of really dedicated weightlifters
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Mark Madonna
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In my driveway,
2 cheapo bars and steel sets,
1 chapman bar
1 pendlay bar
1 penday women's bar
500 lbs in bumpers
1 pullup bar
1 dip rack
12, 16, 24, 32 kg kbs
1 set of 50lb db
1 C2 rower
and a hill,
no platform just a driveway

Also train with the rugby boys at Coach Nick Massman's house
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Chris Forbis
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I train in my school's thoroughly antiquated, tiny weight-room.

Two squat/incline racks, one pulldown machine (with pullup bar above it), a hamstring curl machine (that I never use), and a bench press. Dumbbells through 65, lots of free weights. It gets the job done, though I still dream of a platform and bumper plates...
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Mike ODonnell
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Curves.....or is it Cuts for men? I forget......I gym hop.....where ever I find myself training...local park......HS track....have access to a few small gyms around town....nothing fancy like Ron's place.....I agree, if you want to save the space....get industrial...as you dont need store front property for O-lifting....that kind of training people come to you wherever you are....
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