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Neal Winkler
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Well, I've thought about this and realized that I was wrong.

The reason that I'm wrong is that I didn't realize that I was presupposing that the point of sports in general is to see what the human body is capable of by itself. What I thought was that there is an actual definition of sport, but there isn't, sport is an arbitrary convention and therefore is whatever we make of it.

So, in regards to powerlifting, the more and more sophisticated squats suits become, the more and more the human body gets taken out of the equation, and hence the greater the sport becomes about the equipment. But since powerlifting can be whatever we make of it because there is there is not true definition/essence of powerlifting, it doesn't matter how much of the job suits do.

So, that's where my argument came from - the presuppositions that I didn't realize I had.
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Old 07-08-2007, 08:02 PM   #22
Steve Shafley
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Powerlifting equipment has gotten, in my opinion, way gonzo goofy. When I can outlift, equipment-free, in the gym, a guy who totals almost 500# more than me in a meet, basically I feel two things:

1. Vast amusement. In fact, outright hilarity.
2. A deep, almost geologic, sadness.

Conversely, a guy who out-totals me by 300 lbs in an OL meet is pretty damned studly, and it's unlikely I'm going to stomp them in the gym in a strength or power based workout.

It's why I don't powerlift anymore. I guess I now consider myself a born-again Highland Games thrower.
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Old 07-12-2007, 03:42 PM   #23
Dave Van Skike
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Hijack in effect......

How did you find the process of breaking into Highland Games? any practice throwing before?

I've toyed with the idea but i'm such a wee littel slip of a thing I'm not sure I wouldn't be crushed by lack of technique and overall incompetence..I haven't thrown a discus since middle school.
Practical Strength
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Old 07-12-2007, 06:04 PM   #24
Chris Rice
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Just tell the truth when someone asks - if you used a suit, just say so. I understand the different feds etc and which gear is allowed in each. Do not just "omit" the fact that you used gear and try to make it sound like a "raw" lift when you talk about it. It doesn't matter what others do as long as it does not effect you - we all have freedom of choice in the way we lift and compete. Have fun!
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Old 07-16-2007, 02:30 PM   #25
John Seiler
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That's funny, Chris. We've got a kid who trains here. At 165# he put up a 516 in competition with shirt. He lifts in the high 3's without it!
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