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Steve Shafley
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dude! are you drunk!
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Mike ODonnell
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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
dude! are you drunk!
quite possibly.....now off to work on my article for T-nation so I can sell my latest project..."The Irish High Intensity Workout"....start at home with a stop watch...and go....run to bar....get drunk....hit on women at bar....run from their boyfriends....run from the cops....get home.....lose keys....climb through window on 2nd story.....and time....
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Steven Low
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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
If you want to delve into what's gone before, try these:

Supertraining...either the joint Siff/Verkhoshansky text or the later Siff only text.

The Science and Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorski

Fitness and Strength Training for All Sports Theory Methods Programs by Hartmann and Tunnemann

The Weightlifting Encyclopedia by Art Dreschler

The assorted Soviet texts translated by Bud Charniga, from Sportnivy Press

Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods by Christian Thibaudeau isn't bad either...good overview of lots of things.

Bill Starr's books. Tommy Kono's book.
Thanks. I'll have to search the internet though cause I'm poor.
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