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Brandon Enos
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: California
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Default ME Black Box schedule

I know that the ME Black Box template is M,W,F - X-Fit; T,TH,S - ME. Anyone try the reverse? X-Fit on M,W,F will probably work best since I have more time on those days and I think those workouts will take a little longer than the ME days, but it would be kinda nice to have X-Fit days on Sat since you could do something like Tabata Fight Gone Bad as a finisher for the week if you felt like abusing yourself.
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Joe Hart
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I can't say that I have seen an CF ME template like that. It seems pretty intense. I would stick with WOD ME WOD Rest or ME WOD ME Rest. Give it a go if you are in good CF shape, have good nutrition and can get enough sleep. I know my elbows would rebel if I tried it.
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David Mathews
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Thumbs up

I have been using that template for several months now and I sometimes do a WOD on Sat. and Sun. My work capacity has gone through the roof with this schedule. We'll see, so far so good!!
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Mike ODonnell
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Like Joe stressed....make sure your nutrition and rest match up to recover properly as that is alot to do...if you see your numbers not going up...you may need a few days off....as you will usually return stronger. Remember that old saying of muscles grow during recovery...not during the workout.
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Old 08-09-2007, 07:39 AM   #5
Linus Hector
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Join Date: May 2007
Location: Vanersborg Sweden
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Anyone tried M:WOD T:ME W:WOD T:ME F:WOD weekend off and then the reverse the week after. Im thinking of trying this schedule this winter, any thoughts on that.

Excuses for the bad english

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Old 08-10-2007, 07:53 AM   #6
Robb Wolf
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It looks like a good schedule.
"Survival will be neither to the strongest of the species, nor to the most intelligent, but to those most adaptable to change."
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Brandon Enos
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: California
Posts: 169

Linus, I have to admit, I like that idea, I didnt even think of that one. Ill have to give it a try in a couple weeks when I'm done with my Starting Strength routine.
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Sam Cannons
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Location: Cairns, North Queensland
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I am running with this one at the moment
Sat/Sun-Active rest

It works for me because i get some extra conditioning from MMA/BJJ training a couple of times a week. Once i reach some strength goals i will swap to something more like what Linus suggested.
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Old 08-11-2007, 08:10 AM   #9
Leo Soubbotine
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I've been doing:

ME - Chinup, Snatch, C&J - 3 ladders of 1-3. If got all 18 reps -add weight.

Off/Breathing ladder/Recovery

ME - Muscle up (pull and transition only, no dip), Handstand pushup - 3x(1-3)
ME - Snatch balance 5x1

Off/Breathing ladder/Recovery

ME - Dip, box jump, OHS

Sat/Sun - OFF.

It's been three weeks.
Just got a chinup with 2x12 kg kb's hanging off my foot yet was struggling with first ladder at extra 10 lbs on Week 1. Week 3 just ended. And got a pistol with 1 pd kb even though was struggling with them prior to starting ladders.

Haven't tested max cj and snatch yet.
No deads/pulls or FS/BS in the program because I don't need any extra leg growth and am happy getting more explosive by doing snatches, cj and jumps. And follow Dan Johns advice on the OHS.

Met con obviously suffers yet it's fine with me. Extra recovery days (I did breathing ladders every Tue and Thur, didn't take days off) - helps a lot.

Very happy with this program.

Diet is Zone with extra fat at 24 blocks.
BW 220-225
23 y old male.
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