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Jordan Glasser
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Default diverticulosis help

My dad has had intestinal issues, diagnosed as diverticulitis. Doctors' are recommending eating Bran to remedy the situation. After a few weeks of getting it under control, a relapse occurred. His diet has been much better in the last few years, choosing veggies instead of starches, along with minimizing grains. He's not a big in to dairy or legumes. I have been trying to advocate paleo foods for health in the last year to my folks, and for the most part my dad seems to lean in that direction most of his meals. (I cannot be sure because they live on the other side of the country).

After getting the list of ingredients in his bran cereal-corn, wheat, etc.... I was hoping for a better alternative. I believe he is getting adequate fiber from fruits and veggies, but, his doctors are trying to get him to believe that he needs a "moist" fiber that he can only get from this bran.

Thanks for your help,

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Mike ODonnell
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For any inflammation of anything....aka anything that ends in "-itis"...I'd say stick to the basics for overall health.

- Take fish oil (if there is inflammation a person may need more than the average person)
- Cut out allergens (dairy, corn, soy, wheat)
- Make sure meats are lean and/or grass fed. Avoid FATTY meats like hamburg, sausage etc....because those are grain fed meat high in Omega 6s, the proinflammatory EFA
- Of course if it's a gut issue, periods of fasting would greatly help I am sure to heal....Hmmmm...sounds like a thing I have heard about...Hmmmmmm
- ACV is good for the gut
- Cut out sugars as sugar is PRO inflammatory and feeds bad bacteria in the gut
- He probably needs some Probiotics (esp if he has taken any anti-biotics)
- Of course get out processed foods, sodas, etc...and get in more fresh foods and vegetables.

That's just a few basic tips off the top of my head....I'm not a doctor so of course he should always work with his Dr when trying anything. But take care of the GUT and it's amazing what else healthwise can improve. Master the basics and you will probably be healthier than 90% of the people out there.
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Garrett Smith
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"moist fiber" = freshly grind up some flaxseeds and add a little (or a lot) of water to them and let them sit from 5-10 minutes. Drink it down. Fiber, O-3s, and no gluten.

I'd highly suggest that you tell him I suggested he get (at minimum) the "Stool Test for Gluten Sensitivity" at www.enterolab.com . He can add other tests on to that as he wishes. Or if he'd like to take a chance with his PCP, have him ask to get the blood test "for celiac disease" (tissue transglutaminase). While the stool test shows issues much, much earlier, the blood test may be easier for him to swallow. He must know that a negative blood test doesn't mean he's not sensitive, it just means the issue hasn't gotten bad enough yet (it shows up in the stool first).

If you'd like to know which probiotics I recommend (which is first-line supplement therapy in my book for issues like this, along with dietary changes), shoot me a PM or check out my store.

Also, hemp protein (Nutiva or Nature's Way) has ~14g of fiber per serving, along with 11g of protein. Another option...
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Jordan Glasser
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thanks for the help guys. Trying to break down a stubborn dad isn't always easy....but with your advice I have made some progress already. He's one more flair up away from listening to his son! This maybe a first.
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