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Greg Battaglia
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I've dabbled with flax oil before and saw good results. However, I was taking fish oil at the same time so who knows. In support of flax, I usually take 6 fish oil caps a day, when i was running short on money I was forced to buy some flax oil and replace 3 of the 6 caps with the flax oil, meaning I was taking 3 caps of flax oil daily and 3 caps of fish oil daily. I noticed no difference in inflammation, etc. from switching to the 3 flax oil caps, 3 fish oil.
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Scott Kustes
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What happens if you drop 3 of the fish oil caps and don't replace them with fish oil? Could it be that 3 is all you need to deal with your inflammation?

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Gittit Shwartz
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I just finished a Velocity Diet of sorts - using whey protein, milled flax seeds or psyllium for fiber, and LOTS of fish oil: 6 capsules with each meal (240mg EPA, 320mg DHA per 1000mg capsule), 6-8 meals a day.
The results for fat loss were terrific, but that was to be expected. What really made me take notice was that at ~1000 calories a day, and training twice a day at 4 hrs daily minimum (Capoeira, gymnastics, strength training and more) - I felt more vibrant, with energy levels sustained throughout the day, than ever for such a long period of time.
There could be many factors but I'm sold on omega-3's anyway...
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