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Troy Archie
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Default Sandbag construction

I'm making a sandbag and am curious if putting wet sand into the zip-lock baggies is a bad idea...
It's winter and dry sand is a rare commodity and it just doesn't seem to want to dry out even in the house.
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Frank Needham
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My first idea is that it may create mold problems so dry would definitely be better. How about the oven, dry out say 5 lbs at a time? Another thought, your local building supply should have dry sand in the masonry section.
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Old 11-25-2007, 12:06 PM   #3
Gant Grimes
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Pulverized limestone from Home Depot runs about $4 per 50 lb. bag. Dry and cheap.
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Patrick Johnston
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I've filled sand bags with both of the following: 5# zip-lock bags of rock salt (the kind used for water softeners), "playground gravel". You can buy either at most big-box hardware stores. Both work well.
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Sam Cannons
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I found gravel works best so far. Has a better feel.
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Scott Kustes
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Just go buy it. I think I got 100#s at Home Depot for like $6. Section it out into 5lb Ziplocs, double bagged, with the opening duct taped. That makes it difficult to leak and makes the bag adjustable.

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