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Susie Rosenberg
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I dunno.

If you are looking for metcon (which it sounds like you are, to balance your Olifting) then there are lots of ways to do that. Take on a training program with run sprint, or find a hill to run up faster and faster; ride a bike up a hill; do the CF metcons; swim laps faster and faster. While technique matters in all those endeavors, you can get the results out of 'em without having to invest lots of time in drills and developing technique.

To row well, or to do martial arts well, takes a lot of time and effort in technque, and IMO, it's not worth doing if you don't love it. There's no substitute for passion. Of course, you can't know if you will fall in love with a sport until you at least try it!

I used to train at a boxing gym just for the fun of it. The workout was 15 rounds and included speed bag, heavy bag, jump rope, stair climber, and punching drills with the instructor holding mitts. Was a really good workout, and no injury. Yeah, real fighters would say, "what's the point of training like a boxer if you don't want to box?" but I say, "to be in boxing shape."

In fact, now that I think about it, I think I'd like to go back there and train some more. It was FUN. What's wrong with a good exercise that is lots of fun? Not one damn thing.

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