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cori rock
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It's been about a week and a half since my last post and I thought I'd give another update. I've been sticking to the same meals for the most part with occasional oatmeal and bananas with almond butter every other day or so. Also had a couple cheats for sunday breakfast when I had French toast with fruit and cream cheese (my one simple pleasure I've allowed myself over here). Doing this diet has made me aware of how my body reacts to certain foods and I feel like I can regulate my diet so much better after realizing certain things.

1. I've had to limit my nut consumption..eating all nuts as my fat block makes me bloated and uncomfortable. I’ve substituted more EVOO and only eat nuts every now and then (twice a week).

2. The oatmeal every other day helps regulate my energy levels and gives me a nice little lift if I’m dragging. But if I eat it more than every other day, I get the bloat again.

3. Love love all the veggies and I don’t even like regular salad dressing anymore…I never realized how good a salad can be with just olive oil.

4. Also limit the fruit intake…if I eat too much I start to crave sweets like no other. Fruit once a day has been working great.

I’ve appreciated all the input, the info about why I had my “watery stomach” really got me past the point where I thought something was wrong with me. That feeling is now gone and eating mass amounts of veggies makes me feel more healthy. My skin has cleared up and I’ve noticed a lot better results in terms of body fat. Total, I’ve lost about 8 lbs, which is great. I would like to start adding fish oil to this and see how that works as well…..we shall see.
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