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Elliot Royce
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Thanks Allen!

I think the snatch problem is due to a combination of factors: rounded shoulders, neck herniations, and lack of flexibility. It all just came together after a period of heavy use. What I've realized over time is that the effects of abusing your body usually are delayed. So my marathon 4 hour O lifting sessions in Germany in July didn't seem too bad until I continued to lift through October and found that nagging tendonitis was turning into major pain.

I still use some O lifts in my workouts but have been trying to avoid anything that strains. So I'm afraid snatches are off the table.

Interestingly, my weight hasn't really declined and my effective strength is not much down.

As for the Warrior Diet, I like the effect but would find it hard to eat enough chow at night to go light all day. I've been experimenting with a partial fast on Saturdays with recovery drinks after workouts.

Glad to be back. I'll post for some more questions soon.
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