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Liam Dougherty Springer
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Originally Posted by Paul McKirdy View Post
Agreed, I just think the "fasted" chemical state and its benefits related to physical activity and mental state etc, do not necessarily equate to zero intake. I am thinking by feeling alone based on my current intake and activity that there is a threshhold between fasted and feasted. Which involves being able to keep the pump primed and still be in a fasted chemical state that promotes increased physical and mental capacity people have indicated on fasting.!
Sounds good to me I wonder what Mike O Donnell or Robb Wolf might say about it theoreticaly or Bio chemicaly haveing to do with stored vs. consumed energy availiability and hormonal responce balance...

Ya out there guys?

That being said it seems to me given that your typical diet consists of primarily protein sparing maintenence with like one glycogen replenishment meal well before the work out and an avocado would provide some nutritional energy however the insuline response would probrably be insignificant enough that your stored energy would still be availiable if the effort called for it. I also see your point as far as the natural course of a hunters day and the probable food consuption that would exist. It seems that if your # 1 priority is heightened sensory perception AND performance at peak level some of the stuff I am talking about as far as stored energy engagment is much less relevant.

You have obviousely got a good feel for listening to your body first something I am still trying to key in on seems like I just love playin around in my Noggin.
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