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Joe Hart
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Default Where did you go on summer vacation?

I drove with the family from MN to Taos, NM. It was great. My boys (4 and 6) did real well driving across the country. We stopped at the SAC air museum in NE and the Cave of the Winds and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I wanted to go to the OTC, but there was not time. I didn't do crap but wander around, swim, eat mexican food and sleep. I did hike up a mountain with my kids on my shoulders occasionally. We saw these funky houses called "earthships" they are houses built out random crap (glass bottles, tires, weird stuff like that).

The sweet thing is that when I got back my clean and jerk was outstanding.

So where did you all go?
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Derek Maffett
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I get to go lift heavy stuff in Sumner! Well, hopefully at least.
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Kevin Perry
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I have not had vacation since summer of 2004. And it doesn't look like next summer is gonna be like that either.

My parents invited me to go diving with them in Bon Aire but I had too much work and school. eh maybe next summer.
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sarena kopciel
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I went to visit my old coaches in the Pacific NorthWest Bainbridge Island. I trained and had a lot of structural therapy to help with a nagging injury. I even extended my stay and skipped a CFKids cert I was to attend since my injury was on the way to recovery and I didnt want to mess with it.

I had a great time despite the weather! I went myself as the family all does their own thing now with kids being older and in camp or away.

I have another trip planned for late August to Israel to visit my married kids that live there!
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